Can You Put Vodka In A Humidifier? (Will You Get Drunk?)

People are curious. This is why many people are debating whether you could put vodka in a humidifier. Let us find out.

So can you put vodka in a humidifier? Well, yes, you can put vodka in a humidifier. However, it is hazardous and can be harmful to your body.

This debate started when an episode of Simpsons came out, and Homer put vodka in a humidifier. Unfortunately, he got drunk and fell asleep. This is where this debate was born. 

The people now are curious and in a debate whether the episode can be done in real life. So if you want to know what happens if you put vodka in a humidifier, this article will be perfect for you. At the end of this read, you will be able to know everything about vodka in a humidifier.

Is It Safe To Put Vodka In A Humidifier?

No. It is not safe to put vodka in a humidifier. There are few reasons why you shouldn’t put vodka in your humidifier. 

The first thing is that the vodka can damage the humidifier. If you want to keep your humidifier, do not put any vodka in it. It is already certain that putting vodka in a humidifier can be very harmful to your body; why do it still? 

You will get health risks, and you can even destroy your humidifier. You might need to get a new one if you are curious to play this out.   The humidifier can get damaged, and it can also lead to a fire emergency. 

You can set your humidifier on fire. The humidifier is equipped with a heating element. This heating element will boil the water into steam or water vapor. 

If you put a liquid in a humidifier and flammable, you can already think of the enormous danger there. There are also risks that you can get when you inhale a vaporized alcohol. So it is not the same to put vodka in a humidifier. 

We understand how the mind of the people works. They get very curious, and they would try it out of curiosity. 

But this has been tried by a few people. The effect is not good, and your humidifier can burst into flames.

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What Happens If You Put Vodka In A Humidifier?

Several things can happen if you have vodka in your humidifier. The first bad thing that can happen is that your humidifier can get on fire. It can result in a fire emergency and fire explosion. 

Before you do something like trying it out because of curiosity, you should know first that vodka is a flammable liquid. And a humidifier also has a heating element. This heating element will boil the water and make it into steam or vapor. 

This is how a humidifier works. So in the process of putting vodka into your humidifier, you can already imagine the effect it will create. The water in a humidifier must not be replaced with vodka.

Speaking, you are exposing a flammable liquid to heat. You know what that means. It means that there can be a possibility of fire. 

It would help if you also considered the model or the make of your humidifier. By now, there are a lot of humidifiers in the market. There are a lot of models and some with even more incredible features. 

The modern humidifier is already using a cold steam system. This cold steam system will vaporize the water by sonication. As a result, it will be less of a risk in the possibility of creating a fire. 

If you compare this to an old humidifier model, they have the heating element, making it more susceptible to a fire emergency. So until you are not ready for the risk of damaging your humidifier and even setting it on fire, do not waste your time putting vodka into your humidifier. 

The second thing is the inhalation of a vaporized vodka. This means you will inhale a lot of alcohol. The big difference is you will never know when inhaling a vaporized vodka is enough. If you are drinking, you will know when is enough. 

As a result, you can get so much intoxication in your system without you knowing. Like drinking alcohol, inhaling a vaporized alcohol can also give you an alcohol overdose or alcohol intoxication. If you also inhale a vaporized vodka, this will go straight to your bloodstream.

Another thing also is that if you experience alcohol intoxication or alcohol overdose, your body will reject the alcohol by vomiting. Your body will make you sick so that you can reject the alcohol. 

Now, when you inhale the vaporized alcohol, your body will not have any channel in which you can reject the alcohol in your system.

vodka in humidifier

Would I Get Drunk If I Put Vodka In The Humidifier?

This depends on a lot of factors. People are saying yes and no. If you are in a tiny and concealed room and put vodka in a humidifier, you could get a little bit of the effect. 

Some people tried this, and they claimed that they did get drunk, but the feeling would go away. It is not the same when you are drinking vodka. The feeling also is said to be not pleasant. 

Your eyes will sting, and it will take a lot of time before getting used to inhaling vodka in a humidifier. If you also have a big room with big windows and the room is just well ventilated, you will most probably not feel its effect. 

So it still varies from person to person. The area, the room, and even the person will have a different effect on this experiment.

Can You Steam Alcohol?

There is also a debate on this. Some people will not believe that you can inhale a vaporized vodka from a humidifier. On the other hand, some people say that a vaporizing humidifier will not likely become a vapor. 

A humidifier uses a sonic pulse, which will then turn the water into a vapor. But the thing is that sugar water and salt water cannot be vaporized, so in this case, it is safe to say that alcohol will not vaporize also.

Can You Inhale Vodka?

Yes, you can inhale vodka. However, it is harmful to your health. 

Though there are still no studies about the health effects of inhaling vodka, it is already theorized that inhaling vodka can do a lot of damage to your lungs. Your lungs can be damaged severely, and that is a lot more risk than just drinking vodka.


In summary, people are debating whether they can put vodka in a humidifier. Yes, you can put some vodka in your humidifier, but there are a lot of risks. 

The risks can be fire or in your system. Putting vodka in a humidifier can damage the humidifier and can even make a humidifier turn into flames.


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