Drinking a Pint of Vodka a Day – Is It OK? (Explained!)

Despite being an alcoholic drink, vodka has proved to be a beneficial drink. However, it would be best if you also were wary that it only goes as long as you drink below the maximum amount your body can take. For instance, you may wonder if you can drink such alcohol daily. Thus, you may wonder about it.

If you would be drinking a pint of vodka a day, is it OK? A pint of vodka per day means you’ll be drinking five times more than the proper amount you should drink. While vodka may improve mood and digestion, it’s still a lot of alcohol, not OK. In general, a pint of alcohol is five times or even more for a daily moderate drink.

Some people want to drink vodka for many reasons. For instance, it offers some benefits by increasing levels of good cholesterol. Moreover, it lessens the risk of having a heart attack, blood clots, and even stroke.

However, we have a thing called moderate drinking, and it’s because our body has limits when it comes to alcohol intake. In this article, we’ll elaborate more about how it is not OK for you to drink a pint of vodka per day.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Is drinking a pint of alcohol a day bad?

Drinking a pint of alcohol a day is bad for your body and overall health. Thus, you shouldn’t drink such an amount, especially if you’ll do it every day.

A pint of vodka is less than a fifth of vodka. It’s a little less than half a liter. Nevertheless, it’s still quite a high amount of alcohol for a single day of drinking.

For instance, a pint of vodka is around ten vodka shots. It’s five times more for daily moderate drinking.

In short, drinking a pint of vodka means you’re passing the safe limit five times. As a result, you’ll undoubtedly experience problems or get sick sooner or later.

Most people who drink such a high amount and do so daily are dependent on alcohol. While these people must quit the unhealthy routine, it’s not that easy.

Thus, if you find yourself feeling adverse effects from abstaining from vodka, it would be best to do it gradually and not in an instant.

Despite all these instances, the fact remains that you need to stop drinking such a high amount of vodka per day.

True enough, vodka can improve some aspects of our health. However, it’s only as long as you limit it to the amount suggested as a moderate. If you surpass such an amount, it will only turn worse.

What happens if I drink a pint of vodka every day?

If you drink a pint of vodka every day, you’ll likely suffer from liver disease. A pint of vodka every day is too high an amount for our bodies to take. 

In most cases, you’ll likely develop a fatty liver sooner or later. This issue can even lead to liver fibrosis and cirrhosis.

In general, the recommended quantity of alcoholic drinks per day are as follows:

  • 90 ml for spirits
  • 350-360 ml for beer
  • A single glass of wine
  • 45 ml for hard liquor

The recommended amount for a daily drink of vodka comes at around 45 ml or two shots. It’s not even close to a pint, which is a little less than 500 ml. In short, you’re drinking vodka more than five times what you can drink per day.

It would be best to reduce your intake gradually. From a pint, consume only half and finish the remains on the next day. After some time, finish that single pint in three days and so on. Do so until you’re down to the moderate level.

As always, reduction of alcohol intake is quite challenging, especially if you’re dependent on it. However, it’s also not healthy, and it will take a toll on you in the long run. Thus, it would be better to reduce it early rather than be sorry later on.

liver disease

Will a pint of vodka a day kill you?

A pint of vodka isn’t likely to kill you, but it’s possible if you drink it on a single serving. For instance, if you’re chilling and you drink a pint of vodka for the whole night, you’ll likely get by as long as you rest afterward.

However, if you drink an entire pint of vodka in a single moment, say an hour, it likely won’t end well. The damage it can bring to your body is quite devastating in that it can lead you to death.

As I said earlier, a pint of vodka is around ten vodka shots. In short, it’s five times more for daily moderate drinking. 

A pint of vodka means you’re passing the safe limit five times. In most cases, it can be harmful even if you drink it by shots throughout the day. Thus, it can be worse if you drink a whole pint in a single hour or less. 

People that use such a large amount of alcohol daily are addicted to it. While these individuals must break their bad habits, it is not a simple task.

If you are experiencing negative consequences from refraining from vodka, it is advisable to do it gradually rather than all at once.

Regardless of these circumstances, the reality remains that you should reduce your daily vodka use.

How many drinks is a pint of vodka?

It depends on the kind of drink or shot you get and the measure of the drink. However, a pint of vodka can take around eight to ten drinks.

A pint amounts to around 470 ml or a little less than half a liter. Since vodka is on the firmer side of alcoholic drinks, this amount is quite potent for a single drinker.

In general, a moderate amount for a vodka drink would be two shots. This amount is around 45 ml of vodka only.

In short, a pint of vodka is five times more than the proper and moderate amount. If a single person drinks a whole pint of vodka, its results will not be a good one.


So, if you would be drinking a pint of vodka a day, is it OK? If you drink a pint of vodka every day for a week, you’ll have consumed more than three liters of alcohol. While vodka may help with mood and digestion, it is still a significant amount of alcohol, and it is not recommended. In general, a pint of alcohol has five times the amount of alcohol found in an average daily drink, if not more.

For a variety of reasons, some individuals desire to consume vodka. It provides certain advantages, for example, by boosting levels of healthy cholesterol. It also lowers your chances of suffering a heart attack, blood clots, or even a stroke.

However, we have a concept known as moderate drinking, which is based on the fact that our bodies have limitations regarding alcohol consumption.

As a general rule of thumb, always remember that a pint of vodka isn’t meant for a single person. If you have a pint of vodka on your own, drink it by shots and don’t finish it in a single hour or moment.


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