How To Drink Vodka Without Tasting It? (Be King Of The Party)

While vodka was known to be tasteless, you can taste that alcohol. People who are not used to drinking alcohol will find the taste unpleasant, so they will ask if there is a way you can drink vodka without tasting it. Let us find out.

So how to drink vodka without tasting it? There are a few ways to drink vodka without really tasking all of that flavor. First, you can try by having a chaser.

Vodkas are known to be flavorless. Though some people would own up to this that vodkas are tasteless. Other people would argue that it is not. 

They would say that vodkas still have some taste. The taste is alcohol because vodka is a distilled liquor. It may come from distilled grains, but you will not likely taste that grain anymore. 

You can only taste the alcohol. So many people are asking whether you can drink vodka without tasting it; let us find out the answer.

Is Vodka Tasteless?

Vodka is known to be tasteless. If we base it on the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives or ATF, they say that vodka is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless liquor. So this drink also earned their name. 

They also became popular because vodka became the number one alternative if people would want to drink but do not like the taste of alcohol, however, for people. Vodka is not tasteless. It is because you can smell and taste the alcohol out of the vodka. 

Vodka is also known not to have that distinct taste. However, the brand of the vodkas has their unique taste as well. Some vodka will have that oily and silky texture with a flavor of freshness. 

Other vodkas would taste clean, watery, and have no other medicinal touch. So to clear it up, vodkas are not tasteless and even odorless, for that matter. The vodkas also have their distinct tastes. 

The traditional flavor of vodka is subtle and an apparent grain. If you love vodka and are tasting all the vodka flavors, you can then identify the differences in the taste of each vodka brand and flavor.

You can even notice the difference between bottled water and tap water. If you taste it very thoroughly, you can tell the taste of it. Aside from the taste, we also have to consider the heat of the vodka. 

The heat refers to the burn you will feel on your tongue or the back of your throat. If you drink vodka right away, you can feel that great burn. The heat will be based on the way a distiller puts on clean vodka. 

This has something to do with the number of distillations in the process and, of course, the filtering method. Those considered cheap brands, if compared to the rest of the other brands, the heat and the burn are more intense. You will feel that burn in your throat and your mouth. 

It would help if you tried premium brands. Those premium brands will be smooth and very subtle. You will not experience that intense burn.

How Do You Drink Vodka And Not Taste It?

Well, drinking vodka will give you that taste. The taste functions in our tongue, and that moment that liquid hits your tongue, you will taste the flavor of the alcohol in vodka. We will list down below some tips on what to do so that you can drink vodka with just a less bitter taste.

1. You Can Have A Chaser

If you want to drink vodka but you do not want to taste the vodka, you can try having a chase. A chaser is what you call a drink that you can take and drink after the shot of vodka. The purpose of this drink is to lessen or decrease the taste of your shot. 

This is quite effective. You can only taste the vodka for only one or two seconds, or you might not taste it all. Chase can be anything. 

You can try soda, beer, juice, or any other liquid and drink that you can after you take your shot. So here is how you do it. First, you take your shot of vodka. 

After that, immediately chase it down with your chaser. It would be best to take a very flavorful chaser to mask the taste of vodka. 

It is also essential to have your chase ready before you take the shot because if you are not prepared, you will taste the alcohol from the vodka.

2. Do Not Sip, Gulp Instead

This is not guaranteed that you will not taste the vodka. You will taste the vodka with this, but you might be able to taste it. If you sip the shot, you let the liquid sit on your lips and to your tongue very slowly. 

You can taste the alcohol if that happens. But, on the other hand, if you gulp it, you will lessen the amount of the alcohol taste because it will go directly to your throat and not linger on your mouth.

3. Have It Ice Cold

This is only a tip that might lessen the taste of the alcohol. For example, freezing a vodka might lessen the taste of the alcohol because you will have it ice cold, and the temperature helps with the stinging and the burning. 

The cold can be able to cover the sting and the heat of the vodka. If having the shot ice cold might not be enough, you can have it with more ice.


In summary, vodka is known to be tasteless. However, you can still taste the alcohol out of the vodka. Some people enjoy the taste. 

However, some people dislike the taste of alcohol. So with that, these people ask whether they can drink vodka or any other alcohol without really tasting the alcohol from the drink. 

It is possible, but it is not a guarantee that you will not taste the flavor of the alcohol. The tips are just meant to lessen the bitterness.



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