Is It Bad To Mix Vodka And Gatorade? (+ Recipe And Ratio)

Vodka and Gatorade are two of the most well-liked drinks in our world today, but can you mix vodka and Gatorade? What happens then? Let us find out.

So is it bad to mix vodka and Gatorade? Every person has a different answer. But yes, you can mix vodka with Gatorade.

Vodka is distilled liquor that is clear and colorless, and very famous nowadays. The vodkas do not need any maturing. They are ready to drink right away.

Gatorade is born in the lab. Researchers were curious why athletes are getting ill after exercising. They learned that they’re losing electrolytes and fluids, so this is why Gatorade was made.

Now, we will discuss if these two can be mixed and whether they can be dangerous or not. So let us start by knowing if Gatorade is good with vodka.

Is Gatorade Good With Vodka?

The answer for this is not really in general. This is because every person has a different opinion of whether Gatorade is good with vodka. If you ask your friends if Gatorade is good with vodka, there will be someone who will answer yes, and there will also be someone who will say no. 

This is subjective because we are talking about tastes here. Each one of us has a different palette. But if we are going to talk theoretically, then yes, you can have Gatorade with vodka. 

The taste, though, will depend on the person if they will like it or not. As mentioned, vodka is odorless and colorless, and even flavorless. If you add Gatorade to vodka, you might get a Gatorade-flavored distilled spirit. 

In that case, you have a Gatorade with vodka. The taste must be filled with Gatorade. But again, whether a Gatorade is good with vodka is subjective. You might like it or might not like it.

Is Vodka And Gatorade Dangerous?

Not really. It is safe to consume vodka. Otherwise, it would not be on the market today. With moderation, vodka will cause nothing serious. 

Gatorade is also very safe to consume. If you find the two, there might be no harmful effects on your body. If we put the opinions of experts and researchers on this, we cannot get an answer. 

Because no experts have studied these two, some people would also say that mixing vodka and Gatorade can be excellent and intelligent. While drinking vodka with Gatorade, some people would say it will keep you hydrated if you mix them both. However, these are not expert statements. 

But logically, we can think if the drinks individually can cause harm. They do not, and maybe we can conclude that there can be no harm with the two of them mixed up.


Can Gatorade And Vodka Kill You?

It is safe to say no. Again, vodkas are not lethal. If you drink vodka in moderation, you have nothing else to worry about. 

With moderation, vodka can be good for you. On the other hand, Gatorade is very healthy. It is meant to replace lost electrolytes and will keep a person hydrated. 

What Is The Effect Of Mixed Vodka And Gatorade?

If you mix vodka and Gatorade, you will have Gatorade flavored distilled spirits. Some people will say that it will lessen the effect of vodka, but that is just an opinion. There are no studies or even experts that have claimed that a Gatorade can lessen the intoxication of vodka.

How Much Vodka Should I Mix With Gatorade?

There are no rules for this. Humans make the idea of mixing vodka with Gatorade. How many vodkas you should mix with a Gatorade will depend on who is drinking and mixing.

But some people have shared theirs. They would have thirty to fifty percent vodka and then fill it up with Gatorade.

Gatorade And Vodka Recipe And Ratio

Some people would say that you can get thirty to fifty percent vodka, and they will up the rest with Gatorade. The recipe and the ratio can be your own. 

You will be the one who will drink it anyway. You can adjust it to your liking.

What Is The Name Of Vodka And Gatorade?

Vodka and a Gatorade mixed is called a faderade.

Does Gatorade Mixed With Vodka Prevent Hangovers?

This was theorized. However, it has never been claimed by experts or researchers. This is just a theory because Gatorade is rumored to prevent hangovers. 

A lot of people with a hangover would drink Gatorade the morning after. Everyone must stay hydrated. When dehydrated, it can be harmful to the body. 

The Gatorade can provide you with the nutrients you have lost while you have been doing strenuous activities. You must also know the importance of electrolytes in your body. The electrolytes are minerals. 


In summary, vodka and Gatorade can be mixed. The taste, though, will depend mainly on who will drink it. Some people will find the taste suitable. 

Some people will find the taste bad. Vodka is okay if taken in moderation. If you want to rehydrate, water is the number one form to help you with your dehydration. 

But if you lose many electrolytes, sodium, and potassium, Gatorade can help you with that. With that saying, water is sufficient, but help from a Gatorade can ultimately give you the help you need.


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