List of 6 Vodkas Made From Grapes (In 2021)

Vodka is considered to be a diverse spirit. The different vodkas might come out similar, but there are some differences between them. Each vodka is different from what they are made of. 

Vodka can be made with almost anything as long as it has fermentable sugar. If the fermentation is done, the vodka must be distilled a couple of times. 

Traditionally, vodka came from just a mash of grains and potatoes. However, the vodka producers in France are already turning to a new ingredient, and that ingredient is the grape. As you might already know, grapes are considered to be the symbol of French wine. 

Grapes are known to deliver great sweetness. One vodka manufacturer has made vodka with grapes. Now, several other companies have also been doing the same. 

With that, the vodkas that came from grapes are now climbing the ladder of the famous vodka. So now, we will list down six brands of vodka that came from the exquisite flavor of grapes.

Which Vodka Brands Are Made From Grapes?

Vodkas can be made with almost anything. That is why vodkas are diverse. As a vodka manufacturer, you can switch from one ingredient to another. 

But, first, you have to find the right and good flavor. Vodka manufacturers have tried their hand with different ingredients as long as it has fermentable sugar. 

Now, a lot of companies have started using grapes as the main ingredient of vodka. Here are six vodka brands that will deliver you a vodka product derived from grapes.

1. Thompsons

The first type of vodka that is made from grapes is the Thompson. This brand is from the work of the brilliant English aesthete Simon Thompson. Simon grew up in a French wine country. 

His father was made director of the house Hine cognac distillery in Jarnac. The family of Simon Thompson has always been interested and passionate about spirits. As a result, Simon Thompson learned a lot about alcoholic beverage brands and even marketing too. 

He launched his company last 2010. In the year 2012, the adventure continued until they decided to make vodka out of grapes.

Thompsons vodka

2. Ciroc

The second type of vodka that is made from grapes is the Ciroc. In the early 2000s, Diageo had a hard time competing with two large and famous vodka brands. This is why they have asked for help from Jean-Sébastien Robicquet. 

He is the owner of Maison Villevert. They have thought of developing a vodka that has innovation and character. So they came up with an idea to produce a vodka innovated with a sense of original and personal character. 

They also want an ingredient that is fresh and silky. However, they do not want grains or potatoes. This is when they settle with French grapes.

Ciroc vodka

3. Cobalt

The third type of vodka made from grapes is the Cobalte, which was created last 2014. The cobalt has opened and introduced another vodka. This vodka is made from grapes. 

They have decided to use grape seeds for their vodka. The company said that this vodka is made with innovation and even tradition. They work hard to give a product that is new but still with a  familiar sense.

Cobalt vodka

4. Veuve Capet

The fourth type of vodka that is made from grapes is the Veuve carpet. Two engineers met. Their names are timothée duguit and côme simphal. They met last 2013, and they clicked because both of them have a passion for spirits. 

They also have the desire to make a product in their home region. The project that they have come up with is made from the grapes in their region. Their product was introduced last 2006. 

This vodka was put in a refined bottle that resembles a vive of an eighteenth-century carafe. People enjoyed their product. 

This company claimed that their product is apparent. The vodka is claimed to be very rich and very aromatic on the mouth.

Veuve Capet vodka

5. Guillotine

The fifth type of vodka that is made from grapes is the guillotine. Paul Berkman is a former senior executive passionate that he left his job and started his company. They called it Bastille day. This is way back in 2015, and this is their first vodka. 

They claimed that their vodka is one hundred percent natural. It is a revolutionary french vodka. The vodka was created using their finest grapes. The guillotine is made in a one-hundred-year-old distillery. 

They produced it using ancient methods. They also add a modern savoir-faire. It is also one hundred percent french. 

The process is from a process of handpicking the grapes. They would also use artisanal techniques. 

After handpicking the grapes, they would also be deseeding the renowned grapes. They would then slowly press them. After pressing the grapes, the next step is to distill them patiently. After that, they already have preserved the essence.

Guillotine vodka

6. La Grappe De Montellier

The sixth type of vodka made from grapes Is the La Grappe De Montpellier..this is the last but not the minor vodka brand made out of grapes. This vodka is made with a very high-quality distillation. 

Their bottle is made to deliver pure vodka with refined aromas. Their bottle is also free from any undesirable compounds. These undesirable compounds can be gluten or a gmis free. 

With this, it can already distinguish the top-of-the-range vodkas compared to a classic vodka. They have claimed their vodka to be very refined and very aromatic too.

La Grappe De Montellier vodka


In summary, vodkas can be made from anything. This is why you can see a lot of vodka companies that use different ingredients. The traditional way is just mas grains and potatoes. 

However, today, there are a lot of ingredients that vodka manufacturers must learn about. As long as it has fermented sugar, you can try it to make vodka. Now, in our time today, a lot of ingredients are being used to make vodka. 

The new ingredient today is grapes. A lot of vodka manufacturers have tried grapes. The grapes category is now running to be a very famous ingredient for vodka.

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