What Alcohol Smells The Least On Your Breath? (Be Covered!)

When we are drinking, one of the problems that we will encounter is the smell of the alcohol in our breath. Well, today is your day because we will be talking all about the alcohol that will give you the least smell on your breath. Let us start.

So what alcohol smells the least on your breath? For the record, if you drink a large amount of specific alcohol, you can smell it on everyone’s breath. But if you will consume only a tiny amount, you can try vodka.

Many people are always curious as to what alcohol leaves no scent on the breath. This is very helpful in so many situations. Whether you will meet your family, driving, or going somewhere, leaving no trace of alcohol to your breath is always helpful and very convenient. 

So with that, let us find out which alcohol leaves the least smell on your breath. Let us get started.

What Alcohol Is Odorless On Your Breath?

For someone who loves drinking, this question is beneficial. But again, for the record, consuming a large amount of alcohol can put some odor on your breath. 

No matter what type of alcohol that is, drinking a lot of it will put a smell on your breath. But there are two types of alcohol that people say can give you at least less odor. 

The first is vodka and gin. Remember that both of these will still make your breath smell if you consume too much.  


Vodka is odorless. By law, vodka is made as a colorless and odorless product. However, many would say vodka still has a smell. In the bottle, the vodka might have a lower smell than any other alcohol. 

If you consume vodka, your breath will smell less alcohol than other alcohol on the market. Remember that consuming too much will put a smell on your breath, but if you have it for just a few glasses, you can have a breath with no smell of alcohol.


A lot of people are saying that gin cannot be smelled on your breath. Here is the catch. If you only consume a few glasses, you might be able to avoid that pungent smell. You have to consume a little bit because too much can make your breath smell so much alcohol.

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How Do You Make Your Breath Not Smell Like Alcohol?

Experts say that the reason why your breath smells like alcohol after drinking is not that your mouth is producing the smell; it is your system that is producing the smell. If you want your breath to eliminate the smell, you must flush the alcohol out of your system. If you start to drink alcohol, the alcohol will then be absorbed by your bloodstream from your stomach and intestines. 

Enzymes will then metabolize the alcohol. It will then eventually disappear from your liver. But not all alcohol will be eliminated. 

There will be around ten percent of alcohol that the enzymes will not metabolize. As a result, the alcohol will be secreted from your urine and your breath. So now you know why a pack of gum or a mint will not be able to eliminate the entire scent of the alcohol on your breath. 

It can help a little bit, but it will not eliminate the entire smell because your system needs fixing, not your breath. This is also why you will fail in a breathalyzer even if you think you have solved the problem by chewing gum or taking mint. 

So can there be a way to get rid of the smell of the alcohol from your breath? Yes, there is. The answer is time. 

Your body and your system need time to do their work and eliminate the alcohol from your body. We know it is not the answer you are seeking. If you wish to know more, there can always be some temporary solution for the smell of alcohol on your breath.

You can try to gargle your mouth with a mouthwash that contains alcohol. This will be able to mask the smell of alcohol on your breath. You can also brush your teeth and gargle so that you can somewhat contain the smell. 

You can also try taking cough drops. The cough drops can cover up the smell of the alcohol. Drinking coffee is also a solution. 

The coffee can also slightly cover the smell of the alcohol from your breath. You can also do what everyone does; chewing gum. It can help mask the scent. 

Eat also peanut butter. Peanut butter can mask the smell, according to Reddit. So you can try these options when you want to cover up the scent of the alcohol in your body.  

It will not make it all go away, though, but you can mask it even a little.  But the bottom line is that for the smell to go away completely, the alcohol must be eliminated by your body entirely. So give your body time, and it will eliminate the alcohol in your body.



In summary, a breath with a strong smell of alcohol is always bad. Whether you have to be somewhere else and meet someone or have to drive, a breath with alcohol is always a disadvantage. First, you need to know that the smell is not coming from your mouth; it comes from inside your body. 

That is why gum and mints cannot solve the problem. The solution is time. Give your body time so that it can get rid of the alcohol in your system. 

The top of the list, though, that can give you the least amount of alcohol smell on your breath is vodka. Vodka will still make your breath smell if you consume too much, but you can avoid that alcohol smell if you only consume a little.


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