What Are Good Sodas To Mix With Vodka? (Perfect List!)

A traditional and plain drink of vodka is enough to satisfy a lot of people already. However, many people want to be adventurous and want more flavor to their vodka. Now, we will discuss all the good sodas that can be mixed with vodka.

So what are the excellent sodas to mix with vodka? Almost all sodas can be mixed well with vodka. Vodkas are flavorless spirits. With this, adding different kinds of soda can be well mixed with each other.

Vodka is a distilled blend of water and alcohol. Vodkas are made to be clear and odorless. However, you can still have the aroma of the alcohol in it. 

Vodkas are just water and grain alcohol. So we can say that the vodka is neutral. This means that any sodas can be mixed with it. 

So now, let us talk about the good sodas that can be mixed with vodkas. Let’s go.  

Can You Mix Soda With Vodka?

The thing you should know is that you can mix almost everything with soda. You can also mix almost anything with your vodka. So mixing these two is possible and popular also. 

So not, let us talk about the mixing of soda and vodka. Like many other vodka drinkers and those who love making vodkas, they are now looking for other flavors. Many people already love those plain vodkas. 

They love taking their vodkas in just a glass. However, there are also a lot of consumers who want to try other flavors. 

This is why vodka connoisseurs are thinking of ways on how to widen the flavors of their vodka. Soda is plain carbonated water.

Sodas have a lot of flavors. For example, they can offer lemon-lime squeeze, various tonics, ginger lemonade flavor; they also offer berry flavors. These flavors are delicious and very refreshing. 

This is why mixing it with vodka makes a new world of flavor. Soda is a sound mixer with vodka. However, some people prefer acidic sodas. 

It is considered to be the best choice for soda to be mixed with vodka. Some people would also say to add lime to your soda and vodka. It is a good tip, though. 

When you are done mixing soda with vodka, you can add a squeeze of lime to it. But, of course, this will still be under your decision. 

If you do not want a taste of lime in your vodka and soda, leave the lime squeeze out of the mix. But some people love that refreshing taste of lime to the vodka. So if you want the taste, try squeezing lime into it. 

Some people live to add sugar-free sodas. They prefer this because they can save around two hundred to three hundred calories in a drink.

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Is It Bad To Mix Vodka And Soda?

No, it is not bad. Mixing vodka and soda is being done and served around the world. So if you are in a restaurant, you can get vodka with a soda in it. 

And even at the comfort of your home, you can mix vodka and soda. It would help if you had a recipe. A recipe is essential because if you have not tried making one before, you might mess up, and you will not like the taste of your finished product. 

This is why it is essential to have a recipe. However, if you like to experiment and mix them independently, you can always do that. That would be better because you can be able to decide which flavor you want. 

However, there is a saying that mixing alcohol and soda can make you even drunker. A recent study stated that a mix of liquor with a sugar mixer could make some people drunker than usual. In addition, the study said that a mixture of sugar and alcohol could increase a person’s BRaC or breath alcohol concentrations. 

The reason is that the time in which the alcohol will be absorbed from our stomach to our bloodstream will take longer than usual. So with this, one study concluded that you could get more easily drunk if you mix a soda in your vodka. 

However, this is only just one study. It cannot be the basis of all vodka that is mixed with soda.

What Soda Mixes Well With Vodka?

Many people already know that soda mixes well with vodka. People mix on their own because they want their vodka to have that extra flavor and an extra kick. Over time, you will drink the same flavor because the manufacturer is not innovating. 

This is why when you search the internet, you can see a lot of recipes and other articles on what to mix with your vodka so that you can make it more delicious and flavorful. So here is the list of sodas that can be mixed with vodka.  


Sprite is a very popular soda in the world. A lot of people would even prefer sprite over a coke. And that is a massive compliment because coke is considered the top most popular of sodas. 

Sprite and vodka work very well. Though the taste might not pass the taste of other people, it is just as good. 

You can try it and assess whether you like it or not. You can always look for different flavors if you do not like this one.

Mountain Dew

Mountain dew and vodka have a fantastic blend. If you mix these two, you will have a very refreshing cocktail. 

If you love mountain dew, then you will surely love this combo. With the alcohol present in the vodka and the sweet and fantastic taste of the mountain dew, you will have a good time drinking it.


Monster is considered to be the best energy drink anyone can have. This is subjective, though, but most people would agree to this one. 

This mix kills the vodka. This means that you can add more vodka. In terms of calories, it also has zero calories.


In summary, vodka is a tasteless spirit. On the other hand, sodas are delicious in terms of their flavors. With that, mixing the two drinks can offer a delicious and nice refreshing flavor. 

Adding soda and vodka will not do any serious harm. However, a study stated that mixed vodka with soda could make a person drunker. This is still for verification.


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