What Does Moonshine Taste Like? (Is It Good?)

Some people have no idea what moonshine is. And some people do not know the taste of moonshine. If you are included in this group of people, this article is for you.

So what does moonshine taste like? There are plenty of moonshine recipes on the internet, and with that, the taste of the moonshine will vary from the way it is produced, the ingredients, the recipes, and other things. But most people would compare the taste with a one hundred fifty-one rum.  

Today, we will discuss everything about moonshine and it’s wonderful taste. Stay for a fantastic read. Let us get started. 

What Does Good Moonshine Taste Like?

When talking about moonshine, a lot of people still do not know what the meaning of moonshine is. For enlightenment, moonshine is just unaged whiskey. This unaged whiskey will be bottled right off the still. 

Right now, there are a lot of versions of moonshine. The internet is circulating a lot of recipes for moonshine. However, the traditional version is using a corn base. 

There is also a significant content of alcohol. The alcohol level is as high as one hundred ninety proof. Many people compare the taste of moonshine to the taste of one hundred fifty-one rum with this alcohol level. 

So if you are wondering what the taste of moonshine is, you will imagine the taste of a one hundred fifty one rum. If you drink a one hundred fifty one rum, you can feel a burning sensation and a kick; this is also what a moonshine tastes like. 

An earthy flavor accompanies the usual taste of a traditional moonshine. But if you don’t like the taste of the traditional moonshine, there are now many companies making many varieties of moonshine. 

Now, we have to consider many flavors already because there are now many available flavors available. With this, the moonshine now will vary with every recipe and production.

What Does Bad Moonshine Taste Like?

If a moonshine has already gone wrong, it will have a foul smell and a foul taste. If you’re wondering about the lifespan of moonshine, if it goes bad, and what it tastes like if it is already bad, let us clear it for you. Moonshine does not go bad. 

This is the same with the other plain spirits. A moonshine is considered to have an indefinite shelf life. Of course, there are exemptions. 

If the moonshine has a flavored option, it will be spoiled because of its high sugar density. So for ninety percent, you do not need to worry if the moonshine is still good and is still not bad. The reason for this is that moonshine is not the same as other alcohols. 

This is mainly because the moonshine is heavily distilled. If the moonshine is already distilled and has already undergone the distillation process, the moonshine already has zero sugar levels, which means it will not spoil. 

As a result, you can keep your moonshine as long as you want and as long as necessary. 

This is one reason why moonshine is worth an investment; it can stay good for very long. But here is the catch. Because of its popularity, moonshine is not created in the same manner. 

There are already a lot of companies that are making moonshine with a lot of flavors. These flavors have their sugars. 

The sugar will cut the life of the moonshine. These moonshines can still be consumed after several years, but they will still go bad.

is moonshine good

Is Moonshine Any Good?

A lot of people ask this question. Since the moonshine has earned its popularity, its effect on the body has also been asked quite a lot. To answer, moonshine is just an unaged liquor, and it is homemade. 

It is also just a typical corn liquor. If the moonshine is made correctly, the moonshine is just the same as the other liquor. However, if the moonshine is poorly made, the moonshine can be bad for you. The moonshine is good because it has a vibrant history that comes from southern culture. 

Moonshine is also easier to drink than you might be already thinking. The flavor of the moonshine is also delicious. If you are into mixed cocktails, the moonshine will be perfect for you. 

And the best good part about moonshine is that it is already legal. There have been many scandals about the moonshine’s procedure of distillation and distribution. 

For quite many years, moonshine has been considered illegal. But now, it is already safe and legal to consume.

Does Moonshine Burn Your Throat?

Yes, moonshine will burn your throat. Many people say that their first time tasting a moonshine has got them choking up and tearing their eyes. The first taste of moonshine will have a burning sensation in your throat. 

Some other people cannot even remember their first taste of moonshine. All they can remember is the burn on their mouth and their throat. Moonshine is usually compared to the taste of rum. 

The rum also has a burning sensation. So if you taste moonshine for the first time, it is wise to prepare yourself for that burning sensation.

What Does Apple Pie Moonshine Taste Like?

An apple pie moonshine has been declared as a very suitable drink for a party. Almost everyone will love apple pie moonshine because it can make you drunk, but it has a delicious flavor, and people find it very enjoyable to drink. 

The traditional moonshine will have your mouth and throat burning, but this apple pie moonshine will not be the same. The incredible mix of apple juice, apple cider, sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg spices will have you wanting more. 

The flavor is also not as strong as the other recipes of moonshine. This recipe is also very easy to make. You can make it on your own and throw your party.

Best Ways To Drink Moonshine

Moonshine is an unaged liquor. Many people have loved the traditional moonshine, but many companies and manufacturers have already produced many flavored moonshines today. 

The people are now playing with many flavors and many ingredients that you can mix with the moonshine. So if you do not want the traditional moonshine, you can have some flavors.

Mix It With Coke

A mix of whiskey and a coke is a good combination for some people. If you love coke and you love whiskey, try them both to taste their fantastic flavor.

Mix It With Grapefruit

If you mix these two, you will taste the two robust flavors. You can taste an earthy flavor that you will get from the moonshine, and you will taste the citrusy flavor of the grapefruit.

Mix It Ginger Ale

If you mix the moonshine with ginger ale, you can taste the moonshine even better. The sweet flavor of ginger ale can help the moonshine to be very smooth.

Mix It With Sweet Vermouth

If you want the moonshine to be more potent, you can mix the moonshine with sweet vermouth. You can split both drinks equally. Stir it thoroughly and put on a lot of ice.

Mix It Lemonade

Have the moonshine with the sweetness of a lemonade. It is very suitable for summertime, and you will have a very refreshing flavor because of that lemonade.

Mix It With Iced Tea

Having your moonshine with iced tea can give you some good results. You have to check it and make sure that you do not overdo it.


In summary, a moonshine is an unaged whiskey. The traditional flavor is prevalent. But now, there are a lot of flavored ones and even a lot of recipes online. 

The taste is good, and you will have that burning sensation in your mouth and your throat. The flavor is delicious, though.


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