How to Hide Alcohol Breath From Cops? (And Walk Away)

If there’s someone whom we don’t want to smell alcohol breath from us, it would be a cop. A cop that smells alcohol breath from you can mean you’ll get a ticket, or you’ll go through the hassle for whatever reason. So, if it happens to you, you may ask:

How to hide alcohol breath from cops? If you want to hide alcohol breath from cops, you can do so by using breath fresheners such as mint candies, mouth wash, and the classic toothbrush. Of course, such items would only cover the alcohol breath. Although you use such, it won’t lessen the amount of alcohol in your breath.

The last thing we want is for cops to smell alcohol from our breaths. Because it’s where all the hassle begins, it would be best to prevent it from happening. With all these things being said, you can continue reading below.

Throughout this article, you will see the frequent questions that you probably asked yourself regarding this matter. We did our best to answer such questions so you’ll know how to deal with them if it happens to you.

Thus, without any further ado, let’s get into it!

Can cops smell alcohol on your breath?

Cops can smell alcohol on your breath, and it would be easier to notice if you drink a large amount of liquor.

In general, any alcoholic beverage can put an alcohol smell in an individual’s breath which can last for several hours.

One thing to note about alcohol is that you can consume it quickly. However, it’s not something our bodies can burn off in an instant.

In general, our body, particularly the liver, can metabolize the alcohol content of 12 ounces of beer every hour. It’s a small amount, especially if you drink liquors with higher alcohol content.

In short, you can have an alcohol smell in your breath that cops can notice, even if you only drink a little bit of alcohol. Of course, it will be more noticeable if you drink a lot.

Can cops smell vodka on your breath?

While drinking liquor can give your breath an alcohol smell, it doesn’t mean all kinds of alcohol. One exception to this would be vodka, as it’s not something anyone can smell on your breath.

In general, alcohol contains no odor. Thus, if a cop approaches you, it may smell not the actual alcohol but the scent of the drink itself.

Since vodka contains clean alcohol with no added flavor, a cop can’t smell and tell it’s vodka.

Of course, if you drink flavored drinks, the alcohol can create a smell through the flavor, and such a drink can be pretty noticeable.


How long does alcohol breath smell last?

As mentioned earlier, the alcohol breath smell isn’t something you can remove in an instant. In general, it may take around 12 hours or more for the alcohol smell to wear off. 

For this reason, it would be best not to drive if you have an alcohol-smelling breath, as you can get pulled over any time. It’s also not a good idea to drive if you feel a little tipsy from the liquor.

If you drink liquor and are about to drive, it’s better to have others drive for you or wait it out until the next day.

What neutralizes alcohol on the breath?

If you want to neutralize alcohol on the breath, it’s possible through the use of some items. Below is a list of things you can consider to neutralize alcohol on your breath.

Mouthwash containing alcohol.

A typical mouthwash will be enough to mask the smell of alcohol on your breath. However, it’s not something that will last long.

Although it can do the trick, you can get a better result if you use alcohol against alcohol. In short, you can get a mouthwash containing alcohol since it’s better.

With such a mouthwash, you get to have a refreshing mint flavor. Moreover, the alcohol content on the mouthwash can help conceal the alcohol from the liquor.

Classic toothbrush and mint cooling toothpaste.

Of course, the classic brushing of teeth can help you wear off the remaining liquor in your mouth that adds up to the scent. Thus, after drinking, you can brush your teeth and gargle mouthwash afterward.

Cough drops

Cough drops work wonders when it comes to concealing the alcohol scent in your breath. Moreover, it can provide temporary refreshment for your mouth.

One thing to note is that some flavored cough drops can cost more. Since flavors won’t matter, choosing a cheaper one would suffice and won’t be any problem.


If you know a coffee lover, you can tell that it can be a great thing you can use to hide your alcohol-scented breath.

A cup or two of coffee can conceal your alcohol-smelling breath for a short time. Although it’s only temporary, it’s still enough to hide the smell. Moreover, you may benefit from drinking since it can help ease out a drunk or drunken feeling.

Peanut or Peanut Butter

Peanut also provides a strong scent to the mouth of its consumer. Thus, products such as peanut butter or simple plain peanuts can help you out. 

The scent of alcohol in your breath can get concealed momentarily through this food. If you chose, it would be best to go for the peanut butter. 

It’s thick and has a unique aroma that can get to your mouth and throat. It should be enough to cover for your alcohol-scented breath for a few moments.

Chewing gum

One of the typical and most accessible options to hide your alcohol-scented breath is chewing gum. A pack of strong-flavored chewing gum would always come in handy in such cases.

Of course, as all other methods mentioned, it won’t get rid of the alcohol smell. However, it will be enough to cover it until it loses flavor.

Will a sip of alcohol show up on a Breathalyzer?

A breathalyzer is a device used for measuring the amount of alcohol in a person’s breath. Thus, a sip of alcohol will show up on a breathalyzer. Thus, if you recently drank some liquor, it’s probably best not to take any chances.

Breathalyzers are designed to measure deep lung alcohol. Of course, if you taste and spit wine, the analyzer can still detect alcohol in your mouth or throat.

This device doesn’t measure your blood alcohol concentration since it’s possible only by testing your blood.

However, the alcohol in your mouth, even if it’s only a sip, can still get detected by a breathalyzer.


Will 1 beer fail a breathalyzer?

In general, a breathalyzer can detect alcohol within 12 hours after consuming an alcoholic drink. For this reason, you may want to stay in for the day or night and wait for the liquor to subside.

Of course, a single beer shouldn’t cause you any problem. However, if you don’t like taking risks of getting pulled over, you may want to refrain from drinking one beer.

As always, it’s not a good idea for you to take chances, mainly when it contains risks of hassle like getting noticed by cops.

Can you trick a breathalyzer?

Many people think that anyone can trick a breathalyzer. However, it’s not something you can do. The only way to trick a breathalyzer is to remain informed of your BAC or blood alcohol concentration.

It’s possible if you have a tracking device that can keep you informed. Now, the best way around this matter is to avoid getting tested by a breathalyzer, and you can do so by refraining from a drink if it’s not that necessary.

How long after drinking can you pass a breathalyzer test?

As mentioned earlier, you can test positive from a breathalyzer test if you drank alcohol within 12 hours.

Thus, if you drink even a single bottle of beer or whatever kind of liquor you drank, it’s not a great idea to drive.

The thing about alcohol is that it’s slow when getting metabolized while it’s quick for consumption. 

Thus, even if you down alcohol but drank more than 12 ounces of beer (or its equivalent alcohol content), you can still test positive.

For this reason, it would be best to wait for 12 hours before you go and drive after drinking. Now, another question you might have would be if you can refuse such tests.

Can you refuse a breathalyzer test?

You can refuse a breathalyzer test, but it’s not ideal for you to do so. For instance, if a cop asks you to pull over to take a test, you can refuse, but it will lead you to severe consequences. 

Such a refusal can lead to having your license suspended. The worse thing that can happen is that you may even get in jail.

To avoid such kinds of hassle, try your best to refrain from drinking alcohol, especially if you’re driving. Refrain from drinking any liquor, even if it’s only a single bottle or a sip.

Is it better to take a breathalyzer or refuse?

With all the things mentioned in the previous question, it is better to take a breathalyzer instead of refusing such.

You may indeed go through so much hassle if you test positive from a breathalyzer test. However, it’s incomparable to what you may go through if you refuse to take the test.

The typical penalties for such a response can be more extensive fees and fines and longer license suspension. Further, you can even go to jail if it’s not your first offense. 

In short, you should go ahead and take the test if the cop asked you. This way, you’ll save yourself from more trouble.


So, how do you hide alcohol breath from cops? If you want to hide alcohol breath from cops, you can do so by using breath fresheners such as mint candies, mouth wash, and the classic toothbrush. Of course, such items would only cover the alcohol breath. Although you use such, it won’t lessen the amount of alcohol in your breath.

The last thing anyone wants is for cops to smell alcohol from his or her breath. Because it’s where all the hassle begins, it would be best to prevent it from happening. We hope you find something useful in the article. It should come in handy if you ever encounter such a situation.


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